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Australian Galleries Representing Lyn Mellady

SUTHERLAND FINE ART GALLERY, 685 Princes Hwy Sutherland (opposite Mitre 10) Sutherland 2232 Ph (02)9521 2592


BRIALYN BOATHOUSE GALLERY 368 Nepean Hwy Frankston 3199 Tel: (61-3) 97706119

BRIALYN STUDIO (classes/workshops) 77A Barkly St Mornington


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Notes from my Diary


I enjoyed the exhausting satisfaction of working for several days straight with students in my summer schools and workshops. They did distract from my painting for a bit as the preparation was intense but the results have seen me accept 3x interstate workshops and schedule others for home study this year. I 'm not sure that this will repeat next year. It just feels right this year.


I feel the larger format is most suitable to tackle the wave studies. They give me the freedom I want no longer painting to fit the conservative aspect of the smaller painting - I don't feel I need to paint SAFE. This way a smaller painting is a definite choice - not the expected thing. I need to keep at least one large painting. Right now it will be "Sunlight Catches the Last Wave"


My paintings have increased in size and I feel more able to experience the impact of larger shapes while still being free to explore the subtle changes in colour and texture. I have started the limited book publications of the Water's Edge series. These will only be available to owners of my major works.


The About Face Exhibition has toured to Bundaberg Regional Gallery with outstanding accolades from the gallery director and high attendances.

A similar response is also being received at Wangaratta Regional Gallery where it is currently on display.


After the exhibition I was anxious to get back to the continuation of my 'waves' series.

The Fusi6n Exhibition at the Glen Eira City Gallery was incredibly well received. This has come as a mild surprise to me as I was looking on this art as more of a personal exploration. As it was so personal a subject it was exciting for us to do but I did not necessarily expect others to experience this. We have been approached by Artists and editors to share our story.


Third portrait is is of Terrianne Murray. She is exploring many facets of her life. Everything is considered deeply, but the seriousness is always broken with a little laugh or smile.

Second portrait is a self portrait. It shows my ideal reality.- I don't need to be 'up there and in your face.' I want to be by the water, It is a reflection of me in more ways than one.

The first life sized portrait of Raelene is finished in January.I have her seated near her studio, She is showing determination and is up to the challenge. She is surrounded by six empty, large cancvasses which represent the six portraits to be done.



An early evening, low neap tide and a sky that sent long reflections in the tide pools inspired series in oil on stretched canvases. To frame this quiet expanse would have diminished the effect. One has been awarded Best Painting in Show at Frankston judged by Andrew MacKenzie

A new venture- About Face -Six artists have started a study series using each other to explore their concept of portrait using each other as models. There will be an outcome of five chosen portraits per artist featuring each of the artists involved - Helen Edwards, Regina Hona, Lyn Mellady, Terrianne Murray, Joseph Attard and Raelene Sharpe.

Each of the artists have won many prizes and concentrate on their own fields of interest but this two year project will run alongside and compliment existing streams of interest.

The Gunnamatta Series is continuing.(see 2004)


Back to Back

An exhibition of Pastel, and Watercolour works at the AGRA Galleries by Lyn Mellady and Malcolm Webster

Continuation of the compilation of the varying images around the bay.The paintings of Gunnamatta sand dunes will form an extended series inspired by Lyn's Dad. He introduced her to the beach as a child and it has been a lifelong experience that feeds and enriches her deep love of the coast. Their last special day out before he became ill finished with Lyn taking her newly pregnant daughter Kristina to Gunnamatta and they spent an hour or so climbing the dunes and relishing the late light, long warm shadows and pounding breakers. Of the 4 paintings completed featuring the sand dunes of Gunnamatta Beach Vic. Three have been awarded Best Local scene, High Commendation and Best Seascape in 2004.


Gunnamatta waves and dunes


A second trip to Eucumbeen, High Country inspired a painting 'High Country Boulders'. This painting was awarded 'Best Landscape,River or Lake Scene' at the 2003 Annual Pastel Society of Victoria Exhibition judged by Robert Wade.

Travel to South Australia via the Coorong National Park indulged Lyn;s love of sand dunes with their endless changes, patterns and untamable beauty. In Robe, S.A. she found a kindred lover of dunes at the 'Caledonian Hotel' Here there was a beautiful collection of photographic images taken by Jill Murch. These somehow proved Lyn's determination to explore the dunes was a worthwhile quest, with a neverending bounty of fascinating change.


MANYUNG GALLERY Nepean Highway MT Eliza

Brushmen of the Bay Exhibition 2003. July4-29

The 12 members of 'Brushmen' hold a joint exhibition of new work. The Manyung is one of the few galleries with the facilities to showcase this major exhibition.


Brushmen of the Bay decide to start a study of Port Phillip Bay. This will be done in the first 5 years of this new century. All relevant paintings wil be catalogued, and images recorded for this body of work.The state historian has been informed. Future developments will depend on the results of this undertaking.


February 2002-

A trip to Lake Eucumbene in the Snowy Mts in January has been the inspiration to turn Lyn's attention to the essence of our mighty gums. She has started a series of paintings from the high country. The first three, done on site were taken home by several fishermen staying by the lake.

Note The last painting done from this series titled; 'Sentinal by the Gate' shown on the Inland landscapes page was awarded 'Best in Show' at the Prestigious Annual Pastel Society of Victoria Exhibition judged by John Crawley


September 2001-Lyn is working on works inspired by time spent along the inland and coastal waters of Australia.

Special attention to Children captured playing at Cronulla beach south of Sydney. It was a day full of sunlight and many sandcastles. These pantings will collectively be remembered by Lyn as 'Golden Sand' Lyn gravitates to the beach. It is a constant source of pleasure and inspiration. painting titles in this group include 'Golden Circles', The Best Hole, ' Surf The Point'


The Series

While Lyn continues to paint the things that are important to her she is sometimes so taken with a subject that she wishes to give it a more concentrated exploration to the exclusion of all other work. This series of paintings (or drawings) is finished when she feels as if she is satisfied with the intriguing variations, often quite subtle, and feels content to leave that subject as finished.

To date there have been several series.


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Diary Notes Painting Series Galleries

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