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Lyn Mellady

Lyn is a 6th generation Australian and paints the images, atmospheres, light and colours of the Australia she loves. She still haunts the waters edge in many weathers gaining continuing satisfaction from its solitude, its life, its constant change yet timeless permanence.Her latest challenge is to capture the energy and character of waves as they interact with the shore..

Adept with both oil or pastel, Lyn works frequently with the soft pastel medium (pure, compressed art pigment with very little binder - the same pigment used in both oil and w/colour but without liquid content.)

In 1964, Lyn was introduced to oils at teachers college and in 1966 she graduated with a distinction for art. By 1981, after being very involved with ballet, primary teaching, art education and raising a family, her own artwork took priority. Thousands of kilometres of travel are now the starting point for her paintings portraying what she describes as the untamed, but beautiful nature of our rivers, beaches and forests. Back home, work in the studio is a result of being on site absorbing the varying images, atmospheres, light and colours. She interprets and paints, drawing from her photographs, notes and sketches as data to back up her thought for the painting.

In 1997 she dropped her previous marriage name Gorman from Lyn Gorman- Mellady to paint under the more accurate Lyn Mellady

Lyn's work has now won many dozens of awards, and commendations including Finalist in the International Pastel landscape Excellence Awards 2001. She appears in six art reference books including '50 Australian Artists' 'About Face, permanent collection and Worlds Best Charcoal, Pastel and Pencil Artists 2010 & 11 by Kennedy Press. Four paintings were reproduced by Art Publications(sold out). Her work hangs in five government collections; Frankston and her Sister City Susumo, Sutherland, Campbelltown and Nagoya. Lyn Mellady paintings are owned by corporate and private collectors on 5 continents.

Lyn shares her love of painting with classes, demonstrations for art societies and judging. Lyn was a councillor and 'Hues' Editor for 4 years from 1993 of The Australian Guild of Realist Artists and President in 2000 & 2001. During this term she was instrumental in establishing the annual 'Australian Art Excellence Medallion', The process of earning A.G.R.A. signatory fellowship independently from 'in house' decisions was also established. She has also maintained the AGRA web site from 2000 - 2014….

In 2004, Fusion Six was formed - 6 artists working on a major portrait project. This resulted in a unique portrait collection which toured Government Regional Galleries in 2008 -09 &10.

In 2011 Fusion6 launched - Detour. This took three years of collaboration. It is based on the detour that six young people have taken that bought them into contact with Melbourne City Mission. What qualities do these people now portray?

In 2011 Lyn and her husband Brian opened the Brialyn Boathouse Gallery in Frankston representing Australian Fine Artists, jewellers and potters.

Lyn Mellady's work can be found in selected galleries in Victoria and N.S.W..

MEMBER:-Charter member of Landscape Artists International, Fusion Six, Pastel Society of Victoria,
Fellow and Life Member of The Australian Guild of Realist Artists.


AWARDS:-Dozens of Awards including


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