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Australian Landscape


Late Afternoon


Best Painting in Show Pastel Society of Victoria Annual Exhibition 2002

Judges Comments:- The artist has grabbed the attention of the viewer with the delightful play of light to create an absorbing work. It is full of atmosphere. A high degree of technical ability is demonstrated in the drawing, composition the subtle use of colour and the striking use of tone. The artist has used the medium with great understanding, particularly in the use of tone, establishing both strong and subtle contasts to a very high standard. An Excellent work. John Crawley

Arists Comments:-I had been painting all day around the shoreline of Lake Eucumbeen in NSW. I had packed up and was heading home.As I turned to check the light behind me (it seems that artists are always distracted by light) and this it what I could have missed. A camera is very handy here as light won't wait. I took some wonderful reference material and painted this the following week when I returned to my studio. YOu may notice the deeper variety and rich colour visible at the breaking point from light to shadow

High Country Boulders

Best Landscape or Seascape in Show Pastel Society of Victoria Annual Exhibition 2003

Judge Robert Wade

Artists Comments:- I've visited the Jindabyne, Snowy Mts and Lakes area for over 20 years. love the weathered, mossy boulders that seem to either sit broodily holding the secrets of centuries or slumber in the dry sunlight. This was my first attempt to paint them. I composed the message. They were mountain rocks( hence the height and perceived effort to reach them). They were remote (not up close and personal). Their presence was a powerful part of the landscape that has character forged from harsh weather conditions. The land was summer dry. The reflected sunlight in the shadows was the only soft interplay.

Australian Landscape Selection from sold paintings

Mountain Stream

Late Afternoon near Berry

Bird on a Bale

Bales Still Waiting

Haybales Mt Eliza - oil

Snowy River Gums

After the Picking- Willow Creek Winery

Peninsula Vista

Paradise Valley

Australian Garden

Bega Country

Track to the Grampians


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